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Joyeux Juridique is here to save the day and make your business run more smoothly. As virtual assistants, we can assist you with your administrative needs and quickly coordinate processes to streamline your day to day business management.

Here at Joyeux Juridique, our sweet spot is with the written word.  We are fully equipped to handle any editing, copywriting, ghostwriting, or other related needs. But we also can perform other services, such as email management, client communication, and much more!

+ Business Materials

Looking for some sweet business materials to show everyone how amazing your business really is? Whether you're looking for a Client/Customer Welcome Packet, Pricing Guides, or whatever else, we've got you covered. The "Formidable" option is for completely customized work product and includes twelve (12) hours of service time and three (3) revisions; "Heureux" is for big projects and includes eight (8) hours of service time and two (2) revisions; "Content" is for small projects and includes five (5) hours of service time and two (2) revisions.

  • Formidable Package price: $750
  • Heureuse Package price: $500
  • Content Package price: $300
  • Additional hours: $75/hr

+ Professional Writing

Are you looking for someone to write professional writing pieces such as press releases, blog posts, books, brand-related content, and more? Pricing varies by size, complexity, and duration of the project. Project estimates and additional hour prices will be given on a case-by-case basis.

  • Package and hourly prices: to be determined

+ A La Carte Services

Professional Pieces: Have some material that you need to turn into written product? Have work that needs to be edited? Look no further - we can help by efficiently translating statistics or ideas into clear, coherent sentences and keeping the written documents that you do have looking their best.

  • Hourly: $30/hr

Keeping Up with the Clients: Client communication is critical to your business and letting it fall on the wayside is just not an option. Have us help by responding to client concerns, the creation of materials like response templates to help you save time, and other related needs such as scheduling. For consistent communication needs, we recommend booking by a set number of hours per week over a period of time.

  • Hourly: $30/hr

Organization + Streamlining: This service offers much needed help to businesses who are looking to get organized and organize their business and streamline processes to keep your business structured. We not only work with the processes you have but also implement new ideas and services

  • Hourly: $35/hr

+ Other Virtual Assistant Services

For other legal or contractual services not mentioned, our base hourly is $30/hr with discounts offered at certain hour volumes.

+ Interested in Booking?

We are SO looking forward to talking with you! Please use the contact form or email to get in touch.

If you're unsure whether we can assist you with your administrative business needs, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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