I'm a lawyer, but not your lawyer

Joyeux Juridique creates template agreements for use by individuals who voluntarily decide to create their own legal documents and/or use templates prior to finalizing their agreement with a licensed attorney. All templates are drafted according to the general legal principles used in the United States. Templates are for general use only.

Individuals who voluntarily purchase template agreements may amend or modify any template depending on their needs. If a purchaser decides to amend or modify the agreement in any way, they should consult with an attorney licensed in their jurisdiction to make sure that the template complies with relevant laws and standards that apply in that jurisdiction.

Joyeux Juridique is not a law firm and cannot make any promises or guarantees regarding effectiveness or future outcomes. Resources provided by Joyeux Juridique are never a replacement for the counsel of a licensed attorney. Joyeux Juridique is unable to provide legal advice, recommendations, or clarification regarding an individual's legal situation.

Nothing in these materials is intended to form an attorney-client relationship. Any communications made with Joyeux Juridique are not protected by any legal privilege. Joyeux Juridique highly recommends that you seek the counsel of an attorney licensed in your jurisdiction before use or implementation, especially where the legal issue is complex or highly specialized.

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