how can we help?

it's simple, really.

Joyeux Juridique aims to make the law truly serve our clients. Our favorite way to do that? Through fresh consulting and drafting services, all from someone who understands you and what your business is going through. Whether you're looking for something very formal or just want an agreement that's in plain English, we've got your back.

+ Consulting Services

  • Advice regarding general business matters and contracting: $200/hr

+ Flat Fee Services

  • Customized Service Agreement Templates: $1000
  • Template Upgrades and Customization: $350+

+ international/foreign language agreements

  • International Agreements: agreements governed by international laws can be created on a case by case basis, based on availability.
  • Foreign Language Agreements: foreign language drafting is currently available in French and, upon special request and availability, Polish.

Looking for something that we don't currently offer? Wondering if Joyeux Juridique is the right fit for your business? Please don't hesitate to reach out.

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