Hi there.

i'm kasia.

My name is Kasia and I’m the contract queen. Looking for someone to help keep your brand focused and your agreement provisions on point? That’s me.

+ Background

I am a licensed attorney and a member of the Illinois Bar. As far as my education goes, I have a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and French and a Juris Doctor (also referred to as a Doctor of Law). A lot of my inspiration comes from my travels abroad and voracity for learning about other cultures. This passion has not only gained me degrees of fluency in French, Polish, and Spanish, but it also opened me up to new ideas and working methods that can help me individualize the way I work to suit your specific needs.

+ Experience

My previous work has covered incredibly diverse tasks, allowing me to adapt quickly to best suit your needs. I have 6+ years experience in drafting and am well suited to address your contract-related business needs. I can also help create and conceptualize new ideas to keep your business competitive and current.