Service Agreement Template - Plain English

Service Agreement Template - Plain English


Looking for a service agreement that actually makes sense? Look no further than this Service Agreement Template drafted in plain English. It was designed for creatives and entrepreneurs who want to take control of their legal landscape.

This template covers:

  • Who's Who
  • The Service(s)
  • The Cost
  • Payment Terms
  • Timelines
  • Intellectual Property
  • What Happens When Problems Arise
  • And MORE!

This template was drafted in compliance with the Freelance Isn't Free Act. For more information on this legislation, click here.

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This template was created to be a contract used exclusively by your company/business. All templates are drafted with the general legal principles used in the United States.

Joyeux Juridique cannot make any promises or guarantees regarding effectiveness or future outcomes. Nothing in these materials is intended to form an attorney-client relationship. Joyeux Juridique highly recommends that you seek the counsel of an attorney licensed in your jurisdiction before use or implementation, especially where the legal issue is complex or highly specialized. Illinois residents have the option to reach out to Joyeux Juridique with questions regarding use and implementation. Residents of all other states are highly encouraged to contact licensed attorneys in their jurisdiction.

You can amend or modify the agreement depending on your needs. If you decide to amend or modify the agreement in any way, you should consult an attorney licensed in your jurisdiction to make sure the template complies with relevant laws that apply in your jurisdiction.

Photo Credit: Kate Max Stock.